Acne Care


The basic theory of acupuncture is based on getting the body to fix itself, and many patients see the improvement with their acne skin. Acupuncture works because it gets rid of the root causes of acne, and it is why it is more effective for some people. All the cosmetics only work on the surface, which means they do not correct the inside problems.

On the other hand, acupuncture actually provides a cure by balancing the body and curing the root causes.

Good morning Acupuncture provides not only topical treatment of acne but also acupuncture treatment for inside of body. There are several types of acne treatments.


Acne care will be customized after FREE CONSULTATION depending on patient’s skin condition.


Acne Facial 

Focused on acne extraction and deep pore cleansing. This is an essential care for acne treatment.

Micro-needle therapy (MTS)

includes acne facial.  Micro-needle helps to penetrate of Acne control serum and reduce active acne & acne scars.

LED Light TherapyLED

*Click- Does LED Work for Acne Treatment?

The light emitting diode therapy(LED) comes in various wavelengths that are meant to treat different types of dermatology problems. For dermatological purposes the different wavelengths of light, which create different colors, are better at treating various skin problems.

The red light is the antidote to aging and wrinkles, some profess. Others proclaim the blue light special has an effect on clearing out acne, while the LED is also effective on Rosacea.

Acupuncture for Acne

Selected points for acne reducing and body balancing are used.



Herbal Medicine for Acne

Pre-made herbal Medicine in pill form provides cleansing properties for the body, so it helps treating acne internally.

Herbal Medicine has been perfected for superior healing effects with minimal side effects.



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