Ear Acupuncture (Auricular Acupuncture)

The visible portion of the ear represents the micro system of the entire body.acupuncture therapy on auricle, vertical very close up photo

Needles or herbal seeds are used to stimulate certain points of the ear to prevent and heal sickness and disease.

Herbal seeds are temporarily fixed upon specific points of the ear.

It is encouraged to daily press onto these seeds to stimulate the acu-points. Such a seed-pressing method is convenient and has good effects for many conditions.


Commonly used auricular (ear) points:

  • Shenmen: For grounding and calming the spirit. Most acupuncturists
start here to put the patient at ease.
  • Mouth: Calming point for control of overeating.
  • Small Intestine: Strengthens spleen, helps promote healthy digestion.
  • Hunger Points: Used to relieve hunger and
help control compulsive eating.
  • Endocrine points: Moves liver Qi and aids in
boosting metabolism function.

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