Emotional condition

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For many, the emotional symptoms of chronic stress are the most apparent and troubling.  Fortunately, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine provide excellent strategies and tools for effectively treating both anxiety and depression, and for supporting patients in working with their underlying stress.

Acupuncture for anxiety is effective, symptoms lessen after the first few visits, and it attacks the problem at its roots.   Depending on where the needles go, acupuncture can cause the nervous system to produce painkilling chemicals, jump-start the body’s natural ability to heal itself, or stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions, including anxiety. All of these results can help people feel more balanced and treat a variety of illnesses.

For most patients with acupuncture treatment, an initial series of 6-10 weekly acupuncture treatments is recommended.  After that time, treatments may be spaced out to once every 2 weeks or continued weekly treatments may be recommended depending on how the treatment is progressing.


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