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Sonnjea B.

Long Beach, CA

I have been suffering with insomnia since my hysterectomy in December… not a little insomnia, terrible insomnia. In addition, racing mind and hot flushes and night sweats and, to top it all off, for the past three weeks I’ve had terrible indigestion and constipation. Doctors keep prescribing a drug for this and a drug for that, but I knew in my heart they were all related to menopause and the surgery (even though I still have my ovaries). The other night, when I literally did not sleep AT ALL, I googled natural treatments for menopausal symptoms and learned that acupuncture is very effective. The next morning, I made an appointment at Good Morning Acupuncture.

Dr. Hwang was so kind and compassionate – I was crying as I described my symptoms, because I was so exhausted and so desperate for help. He held my hand while I talked, and he hugged me when I finished. Then he said, “I can help you.”

And he did. I’ve only had 2 treatments so far, and I’m on day 3 of the herbs. I am not sleeping through the night yet, but I have fallen asleep every night since the first treatment with NO DRUGS for the first time since December. My racing mind is much calmer, and the hot flushes and night sweats have already decreased some. Not all the way, but noticeably different. My digestion is still out of whack but I can tell there is a change. The best thing is, after 6 months of feeling hopeless (and being on disability from work for the past 2 months because of sheer exhaustion and inability to function), I feel hopeful. I will update this review at the end of the 25 days of acupuncture and herbal treatments, but at this point I am already a firm believer in acupuncture and Dr. Hwang!! It is so wonderful to be getting all the harsh drugs out of my system, and I am looking forward to sleeping through the night and being able to eat normally very soon! I can’t recommend this place enough. And for any women suffering with hormonal issues, DON’T WAIT LIKE I DID!! Skip the western medicine that doesn’t know what to do to treat menopause and head straight for Good Morning Acupuncture.

Vickie J.

Cypress, CA

My family came here for the herbal medicine a couple times and we loved it. Dr. Hwang was so kind and friendly and he never tried to rip us off like many other doctors. During the winter, we bought the cold medicine from Dr. Hwang and it honestly healed my cold in a week. Herbal medicine is really strong and healthy for you because it’s all natural and without chemicals. My family got introduced to it by my grandmother and now I barely even take any over the counter medicine. I highly recommend coming to Dr. Hwang.

Sarah L

Cypress, CA

I love this clinic. The doctor, here is so friendly and so nice. They make really good herbal medicine and it cured my allergies. I would say that this place is less expensive than other Acupuncture clinics but they are so professional, friendly, and make you feel very comfortable. They never pushed me into buying any expensive gimmicks and the doctor here is really honest. I was also surprised at how clean and well-kept this clinic was and I am now a regular client! They have all sorts of things here from diet and weight loss to healing a sprained ankle. I definitively say that this is a trustworthy and reliable clinic.

Stori S.

Snoqualmie,, WA

Dr. Hwang is a qualified healer of his profession.  I have used him on and off over the years, especially when I have been to western doctors and they told me I either needed surgery or strong medication.  He has personally helped and cured me of several symptoms from horrible Cysts in my ovaries to Sinusitis, Constipation and  General Fatigue.  He has personal blends of herbs ready to go and he and his wife even made me a personal batch of some medicinal grade ginseng.  He also had used cupping and moxa for some symptoms.  Thank goodness he is gentle because I am a big scardy cat when it comes to needles but he makes me calm and comfortable.  His office is comfortable and it is very convenient and close to the freeway.

Clliford C.

San Diego, CA

I sprained my knee and it didn’t heal correctly.  I felt a great deal of pain when I tried to fully bend it.  I didn’t want to have surgery and I was recommended to try acupuncture and see Dr. Hwang.  After the very first treatment, I was so happy to be able to fully bend my knee without any pain again!  A few more follow-up treatments and my knee pain was an afterthought.  I’m just so glad I didn’t have to go under the knife!  Thank you very much, Dr. Hwang!

David Nelson E.

Anaheim, CA

After having low back and shoulder pain for months I went to Dr. Hwang in June. After the first treatment I felt the pain subsiding, with each visit my back and shoulders felt better.
I still go to him when I need a “tune up” and am always satisfied with the results.
Dr. Hwang is the nicest man you could meet, soft spoken and interested in his patients. He listens, advises and treats as if you were the only patient he has, he’s wonderful!
His receptionist is a gem too! Always smiling and greeting the patients with a warm hello. I was in the area one day so I came by to make an appointment, she said “He can see you now.” and I was led back to the treatment room.
I am a satisfied and painless patient!

Diana A.

Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Good Morning acupuncture &chiropractic has helped my mom Beatrice a lot. my mom suffered from really bad head aches, stress, anxciety, insomia, leg circulation problems and stomach pains. she would go to so many doctors and they would not seem to find a way to help her control all of those affects. so she decided to try acupuncture, the first time my mom got acupuncture she told me how good she started to feel right after the needles had been taken out of her. so she decided to go four more times to see how better that would make her feel. the needle made her feel so much better that i even saw the change it made on her. she would be less stressful everyday and would be able to start sleeping at night. The acupuncture really helped my mom and i am very grateful to Dr. Yoon S. Hwang for helping my mom get better when the doctors couldnt seem to do that. i recommend that if you are having these same problems as my mom did go to this acupuncture buisness so you can also get well.

Twizi N.

Cypress, CA

Went to see Dr. Hwang for migraines only, but he is actually helping with much more. First, he has managed to make me lose weight (I was always unsuccessful). I lost 13 lbs. in two weeks and I have more energy and sleep better. Another condition that I had was a mild prolapsed uterus ; it went back within a week of treatment. Dr. Hwang and his assistant, Nicole are very knowledgeable, always willing to answer questions. They are not only professional but also kind.

* All result may vary depending on person’s condition. No Guarantee of any results.  Testimonials on this website are some of examples.

Mj T.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I am 48 yes old. I’ve been on diet with all kinds of trials…. I believe I have tried almost every pills you saw on commercials, been fasting, vegi soup diet, egg diet…. You name it. Along with my aging, nothing seemed working any more.
That’s when I walked in this clinic with half doubts.
I barely finished with detox and lost 12.5 lbs!!! I still am loosing weight continuously which I’m so happy about. Those discourage that made me feel frustrated with other trials has turned into exciting feeling that I can do this!!!
On top of it, my old health problems such as stress incontinence, Carpal-tunnel syndrome to my both hands and hypersensitivity to sudden change in environmental temperature which caused me hives break out have subsided.
I can’t thank enough to Dr. Hwang and Helen. They are superb!!!
I highly recommend this place to anyone who suffers like me. This IS where you wanna go if ever want to loose weight for good

* All result may vary depending on person’s condition. No Guarantee of any results.  Testimonials on this website are some of examples.

Hannah C.

Fullerton, CA

I had severe PMS and my mom took me to Dr. Hwang. I have tried everything from taking pills to hot heating pads but nothing worked.  I am very scared of acupuncture
needles (hey, I am only 16) so Dr. Hwang placed some herb incense-like things on my tummy area for few minutes and he also gave me some herb medications.  It’s been two months since the treatments and I have no more PMS. I also had neck and back pain plus constant headache and Dr. Hwang massaged it without any acupuncture needles !!!
I recommend this place with full two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne K.

Buena Park, CA

My daughter came here for facials and me for weight loss.

First of all, my daughter had a bit of an acne problem but after getting her first facial, she said she loved it and wanted to come back! Yay! Her face is now visibly more clear and her acne scars even got better. She also got tips from Hannah (the doctor) on how to regularly take care of her face without coming for treatments all the time. Thank you Hannah!

For my weight loss, Dr. Ahn put me on a natural, herb tea diet. I lost about 15 pounds in the first month. During that month, I thought it would be hard for me to even function but I actually felt lighter and more productive. Chinese medicine does work! Dr. Ahn also used acupuncture and lipo-jet on my stomach which is a very expensive treatment but this was all inclusive in the cost. I was so surprised and very happy that Dr. Ahn didn’t charge me extra for lipo-jet but she told me that all her diet patients recieve lipo-jet.

Overall, LOVED my experience and already recommended  the weight loss and facial to all my friends.

* All result may vary depending on person’s condition. No Guarantee of any results.  Testimonials on this website are some of examples.

Fullerton CA

Donna C

I have 3 testimonials. I hope many people will benefit from this!

1. Tinnitus: My mother started hearing this crunching and high toned ringing sound in her right ear. It bothered her so much that she could not even think straight. Then, she got one acupuncture session with Dr. Hwang and got 10 days portion of herbal medicine. Amazingly, after taking second portion of herbal medicine, she no longer heard any noise inner ear!

2. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): I have a 13 year old daughter who started menstrual cycle last summer. Even though her cycle and duration of her period was quite irregular, it did not concern me as much as the cramping and headaches that accompanied her periods. At first, we did not know her headaches were symptoms of PMS. I just kept giving her Tylenol’s which did not do much for her. By the time her period started, my daughter was in bad condition because she was suffering stomach cramps on top of headaches. She was in so much pain so she had to miss school. We tried different medicines for PMS with no success. Then, we obtained this special herbal medicine for PMS made by Dr. Hwang. They are small ball shaped pills made from special herbs. My daughter started taking these pills towards the end of her period through the next period (about 1 1/2 bottles) I am happy to say that the severity of her stomach cramps are down to bearable level (& only during the actual period). Her headaches are gone as well. Thank goodness!

3. Pain in the tail bone: Until just last Sunday, my mother suffered from this severe pain in her tail bone. The pain was so severe that she could not sit down properly. She stacked up several layers of cushions and sit on the side of her hip. She went to another acupuncturist nearby her house and she even tried taking x-ray and physical therapy. However, nothing worked and she made an appointment with a bone specialist. At that time, I thought of Dr. Hwang so I brought her to Acu & Herb. She got two acupuncture treatments, and to her disbelief, 99% of her pain was gone! Dr. Hwang recommends two more treatments but my mom already feels as if she can carry Dr. Hwang on her back to thank him. She has now cancelled her appointment with the bone specialist since she no longer needs it. No complaint here!

The best reference


My mom was referred to Dr. Hwang by one of her co-workers so I decided to tag along with her for two reasons, 1. I had been suffering from extreme neck and shoulder pain and 2. I was told that he offered a weight loss program. Well, to tell you the truth I was actually just planning to do the weight loss program. I’m scared of needles so, I kind of figured that I was not going to be able to go through with the acupuncture treatment. I’m scared of needles.

My first visit to Dr. Hwang’s office was about three months ago. He did a free consultation where I was able to tell him about my neck and shoulder pain which i had been suffering form for the last three year and had turned sever in the last six months prior. It had gone to the point where I couldn’t turn my neck to the left side. Without any hesitation told me that he would fix my problem. I honestly thought that I was going to freak out and have a panic attack just thinking about the fact that he was going to stick needles in my back but, it was the complete opposite. It turned out to be very relaxing. He started with cupping technique which is meant to help relax your muscles and then they did the acupuncture. With just this first session I felt a great difference. I had about six sessions to treat my neck and shoulder pain. Each session included cupping and acupuncture. I have not experienced any shoulder or neck pain since. I am so amazed and happy.

I am currently doing the weight loss program which I’m very happy with. I’ve lost 15 pounds. Dr. Hwang is also treating for cyst in both my breast and I’m also very happy with the results that I’m getting. I also recently found out I’m anemic and Dr. Hwang is going to treat my anemia with herbs.

My 7 year old daughter has seen Dr. Hwang twice for back pain and is already doing much better. My mom is also currently being treated by Dr. Hwang for knee pain, arthritis in her hands and a sever ear infection that has been on and off for years. My mom is also very happy with the treatment that she has received. My dad is being treated for back pain and energy boost.

I’ve done a lot of research on acupuncture and I’ve found that acupuncture and natural herbs are a much safer, healthier and just plain out a better way to treat many medical conductions.

Dr. Hwang is a wonderful doctor and I appreciate everything that he has done and continues to do for my family and I. 😉

Anaheim CA

Raissa O.

This is such a clean and cute little clinic! I first came here a couple weeks ago for skin care and I loved it! Dr. Kim did my skin and she was so thorough. She gave me so much skin care advice specific to my skin type and recommended me skin care products that are very affordable without pushing it on me. I could tell she just wanted to help my skin look and feel better. I originally came for only one session but after the care that Dr. Kim gave me, I decided to come back for 2 more sessions. My skin is clearer than ever and the treatments are close to painless. The only part that you can feel is when the extraction happens but that’s expected from any treatment. My facial was so relaxing I fell asleep for about an hour lol!
I also came back for help with my health and diet from Dr. Ahn because I was very satisfied with my care from this clinic. She was very knowledgable and gave me herbal medicine to help with my digestion. I also did the cupping things on my stomach and at first it kind of hurt but later it felt really good. My digestion has definitely improved naturally and without any pills. Dr. Ahn told me that I didn’t necessarily need to keep coming back as long as I maintained a balanced diet and I loved that about this clinic because they never push any treatments or products on you. Overall, I had a great experience here and I recommend Good Morning Acupuncture to everyone!
However, just a warning, Dr. Ahn and Dr. Hwang have an accent but you can still understand them without a lot of problem.
Also, I decided not to post any pictures to protect my own privacy.

La Palma, CA

Mellisa S.

Dr. Hwang has been my “go-to” acupuncturist for the last four years for treatments ranging from chronic headaches; vertigo; stress; anxiety; shoulder & neck pain; severe menstrual cramps; and digestion problems.

His care and concern for his patients is notable.  I always feel great after my treatments and look forward to making follow-up appointments.

Dr. Hwang has always accommodated what I consider “emergency” walk-in visits .  He is very flexible with his time and schedule.

I’ve received his treatment methods from traditional long needles, suction & fire cupping, “moksa” and herbal medicine.  Have all been beneficial.

I consider it a plus –  treatments in individual private room.  I usually get the best relaxation and nap during my treatment sessions.

Downey, CA

Ellen P.

I found this super little acupuncture place in Hawaiian Gardens right off the 605. I was searching for some detox and weight loss support online and came across this place.

I went in on a free 20 minute consultation and found Dr. Hwang & Dr. Choi to both be very friendly and able to discuss with me my goals.

He put me on a 4 week program starting with a liquid detox supported by acupuncture and something called lipoderm treatments. I researched lipoderm on the web and here is a brief statement of what it is: “Lipoderm is the most advanced Cavitation machine for adipose area & cellulite  treatment using ultrasonic waves.”

It’s basically ultrasound waves that are passed through the body meant to dissolve fat cells and cellulite. The fat cells break up and are processed out of the body through the liver so be sure to exercise to support this process.

I have to tell you that this all really, really works. I lost 13 lbs in the first 2 weeks and even though Dr, Hwang wanted me to stay on the detox for a week longer, I chose not to.

Even still, I lost another 4 lbs once I began eating lightly and was very happy. The lipoderm treatments actually dissolve the fat and the fat cells. We all know what fat is but it is the fat cells that are important. Fat cells are what contains the fat. When the fat cells are dissolved and no longer at play, then, well, then there is less chance of the fat returning in the area of treatment.

I focused primarily on my stomach and lost 4 inches within the first 14 days using the lipoderm treatments & I am not kidding. The lipoderm is pretty much like magic. That plus the liquid detox provided by Dr. Hwang  really did the trick.

This 4 week program got me down to the same size clothes I had been wearing last summer – which was my goal. Plus the detox using the Japanese liquid food provided as part of the program and including the acupuncture treatments for support and balance ….all worked so well that I can  HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Hwang’s method for quick weight loss.

I am very happy and am continuing with the lipoderm treatments for my thighs next. Whoo hooo, here comes summer!

Asheville, NC

Honor H.

I sprained my ankle a couple months ago and my mom told me to get acupuncture for my ankle. At first I was really skeptical because putting needles in my ankle didn’t seem like it was going to heal it but now I am a believer!

I only had to go for 3 sessions and Dr. Hwang accepted my insurance so I only copaid which was very convenient and afforadable for me.

For the actual treatment, it was relatively painless considering I don’t really like shots or needles in me. It was pretty quick only around 30-45 minutes and after my session, my ankle actually did feel better. My swelling obviously went down and I started to enjoy getting acupuncture.

I recommended Dr. Hwang to everyone I know and I know that some of my friends went and got medicine for cramp relief and other things like that.

I always come for acupuncture now and I highly recommend Dr. Hwang!

Anaheim, CA

Krizelle H.

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