Weight Loss Program

Natural / Healthy/ Balanced Weight Loss

Our purpose of weight loss program is to make your body balanced and make you healthier. We see weight gaining as a result of your body not performing right. In other word, there is problem in your health. We help you to improve poor body function with acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and herbal medicine.

Step 1.

Let us know what the problem is!before-after

You will have a consultation with an acupuncturist who is specialized in weight loss program. I will include filling out a questionnaire and measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Step 2.

Set your goal!

Based on the diagnosis, you will set up a goal like how much weight you want to lose in how many months.

Step 3.

Select a program that fits for you!

You need to select a program between one or two hour based on your goal or health condition.

Step 4.

Take it easy & Start your journey with us!

Maybe you’ve tried so hard to lose weight but it didn’t work out. Don’t worry. We are here to help you. We give you directions to follow. Whenever you have a concern, discuss it with us. Our programs have been successfully helping many people to lose weight in healthy way.

Most popular program is  Deluxe Care Program with Enzyme Detox.


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